Monday, March 12, 2012

Goodbye Belmont Street.

I was 5 or 6 weeks pregnant when we moved into our little house on Belmont Street. Wracked with chronic morning sickness (or all bloody day and night sickness as I preferred to call it) I was completely useless and left all the hard work to my Husband (although, now I think about it, at the time he was my ‘Boyfriend’). I issued commands from the comfort of the freshly installed sofa, whinging dramatically about how dreadful I felt. I realise that I’m not coming off well in this story but I really was very, very sick… And my husband really is a very, very good man.

Alexandria and nearby Newtown was a great place for a young family. As a stay at home mum I found the offerings of our local playgroup invaluable, G made many good friends there, as did I. I felt like I was part of the community. Rain or shine my girls and I would be out and about. I know which pavements are too narrow for my buggy; I know the short cuts; I know every inch of every park.

So the decision to move away, out to the suburbs, was a tough one. Giving up all that was familiar to us; the great parks, the great kids facilities, er… the great coffee shops. However, we desperately needed more space and although it was a painful one, it was the right decision for our family.

I will miss the faces that passed us by in the street. I’ll miss the bloke that looks just like my friend Barnes, who I always smile at, because even though he is not my friend Barnes, seeing him still brightens my day. I’ll miss the local ‘characters’ like the ‘Good onya darl’ lady who affectionately punches any passing mums on the arm, declaring… yes, you’ve got it… “Good onya darl!” (I won’t do the accent). Although, if I’m honest, I wont miss the punches. I’ll miss all the other mothers, who I know, but don’t know; the ladies with whom I have exchanged a knowing smile that says “Yes! I understand!”.

We had many special moments in our little house, things I will never forget; my husband’s marriage proposal, my family visiting from the UK for our wedding, bringing G home from the hospital, G taking her first tentative steps, bringing C home from the hospital and introducing G to her baby sister. All those sleepless nights! All those early mornings!   

I had tears in my eyes when we moved out of our little house on Belmont Street. We arrived as a couple and now we’re a family. We’ll make our new house our home and I know we’ll be happy, but I will always have a special place in my heart for Alexandria and Belmont Street.


  1. It's so hard leaving the house where you became a family, I think. So many memories. But you'll make just as many in the new house and there are lots of reasons why this is the right step for you all x Emily

  2. Bless! We bought this house and moved in just before we got married. That's 11 years this Xmas. The inner west is a good compromise - close to school, shops, public transport, cafes, but not a big backyard, but we have a massive park just across the road.

    Beautifully written x