Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Frocking about in a wedding dress

On the morning of my wedding I woke with excitement in my tummy. I looked out of the window of my hotel room across Sydney harbour and smiled. It was going to be a beautiful day. I had breakfast with my sister. My hair was professionally styled. My make up applied for me. Despite a small hint of morning sickness I scrubbed up ok. As I walked down the street people smiled and called out to me.

“Congratulations! You look beautiful!”

I must say, I rather enjoyed the attention.

This morning, in a last ditch attempt to raise some Frocktober funds, I put my wedding dress on again. I found my veil, and tiara and slipped my feet in to white satin shoes.

My girls were fairly unimpressed. My husband was bemused.

I got some funny looks as I pushed the double buggy through the shopping center. Some people smiled. Some just gapped. I acted like it was the most normal thing in the world. The ladies at Bakers Delight were so impressed they gave me a free bun.

Frocktober has been a wonderful experience. It forced me out of my mummy uniform and into a pretty dress… 31 of them to be precise… a different one for every day of the month (some were my own, some borrowed from friends). I started to experience myself differently… I rediscovered my femininity.

Will I wear my mummy uniform again? Of course I will… but perhaps not as religiously as I did before…

Will I wear dresses more often? Damn frocking right I will!

 If you would like to make a donation to the Ovarian Cancer Research Ffoundation you can do so right here.


  1. Oh, well that does it! I have to donate now! You went to the supermarket in your WEDDING DRESS. You're awesome-sauce.

  2. hahah, you are friggin' awesome!! I wish I saw you rocking the wedding dress. Rachel x

  3. My wedding dress has been in the box it came home from the dry cleaners in for 7 years. Maybe it's time to get it out! I love that you wore the veil too!

  4. Hahahahahahaha. I love these photo (and now Baker's Delight even more). Go you :), I admire your courage, funny looks from your family or no :)

  5. Hilarious!!! I just hope you walked down the (Coles) aisle with the veil over your face.

  6. You are FROCKING AWESOME!!!! That totally, totally rocks my frock! Love your work, you mad nutter! x

  7. Love this! How brilliant. You make a beautiful bride, that's for sure.

    I think I am going to Frocktober it up next year. Note to self: buy shitloads of fake tan for ghost legs (important public service gesture).

    1. I would really recommend it! You've got plenty of time to prepare :-) x

  8. Congrats on frocking up every day....that's an awful lot of frocks! You did really well lovely :-)

  9. Love it, if I hadn't been so sick this morning I might have considered trying to squeeze in mine! But had a pj day!

  10. Love, love, love this!! You go girl! :) xo

  11. Congrats on the effort. You look stunning!!! And once again thanks for the ingenious idea... I think it's going to take off for next Frocktober x

  12. That is an awesome idea!!!!! You look great, good job!!!!!

  13. Its so cool that you wore your wedding dress! I would totally do it but there is no way I would ever fit in to it! I'd need to lose about 20 kgs and use a time machine! Lol!

    I must say, seeing all yours and everyone else's Frocktober pics actually made me a bit keen to wear more dresses and I actually bought one last week to wear to my cousins hens night and again this Sunday to Kelly HTandT's daughter's christening and it felt really good wearing a dress for a change. I even wore red lipstick for the first time in my life! Not sure about the red lippy for a daytime thing this weekend but who knows. Thank you for inspiring me!

  14. Oh wow wish I could have seen you in Coles! Did you make your fundraising target? You should have, what a fab effort!

    After 22 years and just as many kilos, I don't think I'll be wearing my wedding dress again any time soon ...