Friday, November 30, 2012

Baking with Children... and a giveaway!

My girls and I enjoy baking. Or rather, my girls enjoy baking and I enjoy eating cake. Today I'd like to share with you some suggestions for baking with young children. Caution! Only attempt this at home if you are completely barking mad... but don't worry too much... if you're not at the start... you will be by the end! 

This recipe will make 24 cake pops (assuming that all of the cake mixture survives and doesn't end up on the floor).

60g butter, softened
½ cup caster sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1 free-range egg
1 teaspoon baking powder
¾ cup plain flour
1/3 cup milk 

1. Preheat the Kambrook Cake Pop Maker.

2. Before you ‘invite’ your small children into the kitchen I would recommend getting all your cooking utensils ready and weighing out all of your ingredients. Toddlers & Pre-schooler’s do not have a great deal of patience so it pays to be organised. Plus you can pretend you are the star of a TV cooking show…… no?..... just me then…

3. Unless your children are very tall you will probably need something for them to stand on. There are lots of stools on the market designed for this purpose. We use a chair for the Pre-schooler and a high chair for the toddler. Easy!

3. Brace yourself.

5. It is now time to begin! I usually say something like “Girls! Would you like to bake some cakes?” to which they screech with excitement and run to the kitchen in a frenzy yelling “Cake! Cake! Cake!”

6. Instruct your children to place the butter, sugar and vanilla extract into a mixing bowl. I usually offer some guidance such as; “Carefully! CAREFULLY!” and “No! Don’t eat the sugar!”

7. Give your pre-schooler a wooden spoon and instruct them to stir… remind them not to eat the mixture. Intercept spoonful of sugar before it reaches her mouth.

8. Try and involve the younger one as much as you can, I do this by giving little C an empty bowl and wooden spoon to play with. It is only a matter of time before she wants to join in with gusto. (shudder!)

9. Now for the eggs. Allow your pre-schooler to hold an egg in one hand and a teaspoon in the other.  Instruct your pre-schooler to break the egg with the spoon. Try and remain calm as your pre-schooler smashes the egg to smithereens. Catch the egg whites and yoke in a cup. I would recommend fishing out any bits of eggshell before tipping into mixing bowl. Unless you like your Cake Pop’s with extra crunch.

10. Add the milk and flour slowly, a bit at a time… or… just chuck it all in at once and hope for the best.

11. Using an electric whisk beat the cake mixture until light and fluffy. If you’re game, let your pre-schooler have a go too… what’s the worst that can happen?...

12. At this point I like to distract the girls by allowing them to lick the beaters. Do remember to turn them off first.

13. Spoon the mixture into the wells of the Cake Pop maker and close the lid.

14. Remember to make a mental note of the time. Five minutes can pass awfully quickly when you’re wrestling sticky beaters out of your children’s hands. 

15. Give your little ones a quick wipe down and send them off to play elsewhere while you keep an eye on the time and lick the bowl... er, I mean clean up the kitchen.

16. After five minutes or so, check on the cake pops.

17. Using a pair of silicone tongs, remove the cake pops from the Cake Pop maker and place on a wire cooling rack. It is best to do this whilst your toddler is distracted, hot ovens and toddlers do not mix well and the last thing anyone needs is a trip to Casualty.

18.  Quickly and with great secrecy prepare the chocolate by following the instructions on the packet.

19. Taking great care, place a cake pop in the melted chocolate. Pierce it with a cake pop stick (provided with Cake Pop maker) and swirl it round to ensure even coverage. Try and do as many as possible before the children notice and want to ‘help’.

20. Once the cake pops have been coated in chocolate ask your Pre-schooler to gently sprinkle hundreds and thousands over the top. Your toddler will be amusing themselves by now by rifling through your handbag and hiding your car keys.

21. Adopt the manor of TV Chef personality and give your toddler a quick demonstration - gently shake hundreds and thousands over one of the cake pops. It looks pretty good! Stand back and admire your handy work… enter brief MasterChef-victory type fantasy… suddenly realise that your pre-schooler has been shaking hundreds and thousands all over the floor.

22. Take a photo of finished Cake Pop’s and share with friends via your choice of social media.

23. By now your children will be experiencing a massive sugar high, your kitchen will be unrecognisable, and you will probably have large quantities of hundreds and thousands in your hair, down your top and embedded in the souls of your feet.

24.  Eat a cake pop. God knows you deserve it. Tea is optional… but strongly recommended.

**  Give-away!  **

I'm giving away a Kambrook Cake Pop Maker to one lucky Cup of Tea and a Blog reader

To enter: 

1. Please use the comment section below to answer the following question:

"What is your earliest memory of baking?"

2. Please include an email address with your answer.

3. Please 'like' the Cup of Tea and a Blog Facebook page.

Terms & Conditions:
1. This give-away is only open to Austrailan Residents. Sorry about that international readers. 
2. Giveaway closes 5pm AEDST, Friday 14th December 2012
3. Winners will be chosen based on creativity and originality
4. Winners will be announced on the Cup of Tea and a Blog Facebook page 9am AEDST, Saturday 15th December 2012 and via email. 
5. Judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
6. Winner must make contact within 3 days of being contacted, otherwise a new winner will be chosen.
7. Prizes are not transferable, changeable or redeemable for cash.
8. Prizes will not be replaced in the event that they are stolen, lost or damaged in transit.

This is not a paid sponsored post. I was delighted to receive a Kambrook Cake Pop Maker when I attended the Bloggers Brunch via Kids Business. All opinions expressed are my own. Especially the ones about cake. 

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  1. I remember making pikelets with my mum. We would do most of them round but towards the end she would let us make them in the shape of the first letter of our name. We would pile them up with jam and cream and eat a whole stack. Great memories.

  2. :) Hee! Looks like a lot of fun.

    I remember lots of packet cakes, but I also remember mum sitting on the back step with a saucepan full of fudge, stirring it until it thickened. Not sure why, but she always did that on the back step :)

  3. I used to make gingerbread as a child. I remember my parents would say how much they loved it but later they told me how sick of it they became because it was the only thing I cooked :(

  4. Making my granny's shortbread recipe with mum, I so remember pricking the rounds with a fork and sprinkling sugar over them. So unhealthy and so delicious! I must confess that I just LOVE baking alone whilst the kids are all at school. Shhhh... you didn't really hear me saying that!

  5. I remember making lamingtons with my Grandma for the Shearers Morning Tea (she lived on a sheep and cattle station), and we had to make different coloured ones because my Grandfather didn't like chocolate. We still make coloured lamingtons to this day, nad remember all the good times with them as we do so!

  6. gorgeous photos, and i especially love instruction 22

    my earliest and fondest memories of baking? baking with my dad - he is the sweet tooth - and has the inner pastry chef in him to support the sugar fix he craves
    people are amazing that a strong solid man, who is a builder by day, stops and cooks with his girls by night
    could i ask for anything more?

    maybe that his cooking skills rub off a little on me

  7. I dont know if this counts but when I was a pre-schooler I can remember my cohorts and I raiding a neighborhood mulberry tree. We returned to my home with our spoils in a bucket then removed the Franklins No Frills ice-cream from our freezer. Our kitchen soon turned an attractive shade of pink as we whipped up mulberry ice-cream. My Mum cracked it!

  8. Had to laugh as I read this post ... could see the scenario playing out in my kitchen! My earliest memory of baking is of watching my mum, grandmother and late aunt preparing dough for bread early in the morning before we left for school. They would bake all day using a big trough to knead the dough by hand and would bake it in a wood fire oven we had at the back of our childhood home. Upon our return from school, we would be met with lots of Italian bread but as a special treat we would also be given a small, warm breadroll which we would smother in butter and devour. So fresh, soft and's a happy childhood memory that I'll never forget.

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  10. My earliest memory of baking is before I went to school and my nanna used to bake jam drops and I was allowed to use my thumb to press down the hole to fill with jam before cooking - I can still remember the glorious smell when they came out! YUM

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  12. Growing up in Asia, this is a long time ago, we had no oven. Unlike here in Australia where oven is a 'basic' household appliance.
    Earliest baking experience for me is when I came here to study university. I remember watching Sesame Street and they were showing children baking together. This episode made me want to bake cookies. And that's what I did in my first baking session - I made cookies. At that time, I felt so proud that I could make cookies (that my friends said were delicious). On hindsight, I feel kind of silly as cookies is one of the simplest thing to bake. But if I could do the whole thing again, I would still have the sense of pride, being able to make my own cookies, instead of buying from the shops.

    p.s. I use different email to my facebook. Will this cause a problem?

  13. Yummo! Love your instructions - sounds like baking in my kitchen too. And my God your girls are beautiful!
    Now, I want to win me a cake pop maker!
    My earliest memory of baking is making chocolate caramel slice with my step mum. It's still a family favourite, I'll always remember the recipe and always makes me think of her. But my earliest memory of baking SOLO - well... that was a disaster. I was trying to make marshmallow to go on the top of this slice base. I was at the stove with a pot full of sugar and it was bubbling away. I burnt it terribly. But the kitchen was at the front of the house and we could hear a buzzing and tapping at the screen door. Seemed the burnt sugar smell attracted a bee family! And I have never ever tried that slice recipe since!

  14. My first memory of baking was with my grandmother, we used to bake sultan rock cakes. She used to let me do everything, I'm sure I made the biggest mess. I'm seriously seeing these cake pop machines EVERYWHERE, it's like they have taken over the world!! Go Kambrook.
    Prue x

  15. My earliest memory was helping mum make a microwavable cake when I had a friend over to play. My friend bagsed licking the bowl. I knew we were microwaving the cake in the same bowl it was being mixed in, so there would be nothing to lick, so I bagsed licking the spoon. I can still remember relishing in my friends disappointment whilst I smugly licked the hell out of that spoon. xx Danya

  16. It has to be licking the beaters. My Mother took a photo of me doing this as soon as I could hold one. Over the years good times & memories were created - and more than a few cakes too.


  17. My earliest memory of baking was with my cooking teacher at school (all girls school) and her crazy sing songs.
    Examples - "we take the utensil to the saucepan not the saucepan to the utensil. All together girls, sing it with me ... we take the saucepan to ...."
    Rubbing butter into the flour was done in time. "Now girls ready, hands over the bowl and ...... lift rub rub drop and lift rub rub drop and ......"

  18. helping my mum whisk up eggs for a pavlova for Christmas when I was 6.. I had the chicken pox.

  19. I remember helping my mum mix batter for her infamous sponge cakes from the 80's with white icing!

  20. As shameful as it sounds, we never baked in my house! So no early memory for me but my mum would make spring rolls and I would spend hours in the kitchen helping her make the pastry. That was loads of fun!
    Cake pops sound like an absolute treat! Love the photos of your girls, Catherine :) x

  21. I think i was properly 9 years old First Baking lesssons with mum!
    i had to measure out some salt,And as mum turned around thats when i thought i can do it myself. but instead of putting the actual measurements i put two cups of salt in the mixture. :)

  22. Pancakes with mum. The first few would always go to our beloved dog. I was about 6 from memory :)

    1. Oops.. email adddress is kazatmeltingmoments[at] liked on FB :)

  23. My earliest Memory Of baking,
    Would have been cupcake Making.
    With my beautiful Great Grandmother
    She would bake the best like no other.
    But since she has passed away,
    I bake in her memory EVERYDAY!
    Fudge, Toffee, Bread and cake.
    I never run out of YUMMY things to Make!
    However I have not yet made cake pops,
    But I am sure once I do they will be just Tops!

  24. My earliest memory was making toffee with my mum - I stuck my fingers in the boiling hot toffee to taste it and ended up with huge blisters on all my fingers... it was not a great experience!

  25. As a child I have always enjoyed baking (and still do)! My earliest memory is of making lemon yoghurt cake with my mum's aunt during the winter holiday. The whole house smelt delicious!
    PS: I have never made pop cakes but would love to try!

  26. My earliest memory of baking is always licking the spoon and bowl. Mum would always call out and I would come a running. Rather eat the mixture than the cake!! I would help roll balls of mixture for the rock cakes and sit up top of the bench. At the end my mum would always put flour on my nose :))

  27. Watching my mum bake scones - to this day I have never had a scone as good as hers and sadly this was something I took for granted and never got the chance to get the recipe from her. If you have those family recipes that are only in people's heads - write them down before they are lost forever.

  28. I remember my nan cooking orange cakes for us, she taught me to make icing for them, and I still do things her way.

  29. I remember licking up lots of chocolate cake mix off a wooden spoon when dad made his famous layer chocolate cake for mum's birthday! Soo yum!

  30. I remember making apple pie with my Nanna. She would make everything from scratch. My Nanna made the best apple piies and every holiday when we stayed with her we always asked for one of her awesome apple pies!

  31. As a child, my mum rarely baked so I didn't learn to actually bake or cook until I was in my Home Economics class in early high school! BUT, one of my FONDEST cooking momments as a child was watching my dad make pancakes every Sunday morning for breakfast. Dad would whisk the mixture and pour it onto the hot pan and sometimes the mixture would dribble to the side of the pan creating 'little pancake' drops which my brother and I would fight over to eat because they were crunchy and so delicious!

  32. I remember from an early age we were in the kitchen baking cakes, cookies, dinners all to help mum that little bit more. With 4 other siblings it was probably the only quiet time we had as we all enjoyed it so much. Even now I have started baking with my 18 month old and she loves it.

    1. Oh my email is

  33. My Mum baking every Saturday and us 3 kids would be crowding around. One would always bags the bowl, another have the wooden spoon, and the least but not last lucky third would get to "lick Mum's finger"!

  34. My favourite baking memory is being shipped off to my Nana's house every school holidays. Every time we would bake something new. I loved it so much that even after leaving school and moving out of home, I would still go around to bake a cake or two. My Nan taught me the basics of everything I know. Thanks to her I consider myself a great cook. I love to try new recipes all the time. Trouble is, it's always me that ends up eating most of what I make. My nan always said never trust a skinny cook,

  35. My earliest memory of baking is spending hours looking through the Women's Weekly Birthday cake book choosing which cake I wanted then sitting on the bench as my mum made my idea come to life!

  36. oooh this looks like so much fun!

    My earliest memory of baking is choosing my 5th birthday cake out of a cake magazine (might have been women's weekly) and helping her make it. It was a castle, and I remember helping mum ice the ice cream cones to make the 'towers' on the cake.

  37. My mum used to make and decorate fancy cakes for people when I was little and I really loved to help. I was always given a separate bit of icing to try to make whatever my mum was making, and she would show me how to do it, then my brother and I would eat all of my creations at the end.
    The first cake I decorated myself was for a competition in primary school. The cake was a mouse picnic and I remember making tiny sandwiches, cakes, cups of tea and even jam tarts on a picnic table surrounded by logs atop which little icing mice sat. I won only after a teacher called my mum to make sure I really had done the decorating myself!
    Making cakes and decorations for them with my mum is one of my fondest memories of childhood.


  38. "Helping" my beautiful mummy wash the dishes while we waited for the biscuits we'd just made to cook, then sharing some while they were still warm out of the oven. Love her! x

  39. my earliest memory would be when i went camping with my nan and pop and they made us kids a butter cake in the camp oven it was so yummy then nan had us help her to make the bread in the same oven to have with dinner as we were making rabbit stew i still remember the taste of the bread and the cake i always loved going camping as nan could bake anything in a camp oven she was amazing

  40. i have liked Cup of Tea and a Blog Facebook page

  41. Nikki McKee @ wattlecampians@msn.comDecember 6, 2012 at 10:48 AM

    My earliest memory of baking would have to be when i was just a wee nipper at about 4 maybe and of my Mummy and Granny making Plum Puddings at Christmas....The smell of the Rumm Rich, Fruit Filled Pudding would waft throughout the house all day.....and I still love that smell to this day, 32 odd years later.....mmmmm....plum Pudding :D

  42. Jo-Anne Wizz

    Coming from a family of 10 children started cooking housework quite young although I really wanted to help so quite young. But we had someone coming in helping mum I was cooking chips standing on a share heaps of cushions the women got a potato masher and mashed them while cooking told mum as I was so upset this woman ruined our meal well she never lasted too long after that. Also cut my wrists while washing up standing on cushions.

  43. My earliest memory is the day Dad set out to 'prove' that he could cook a sponge cake! Mum had 'gone to town' shopping and as my brother and I didn't believe Dad he set about cooking to show us his skills which he assured us were 'show winning'! Needless to say, the first sponge was a failure - as was the second but finally on the third go Dad got a sponge he could be happy with ( my bro and I had never eaten sooo much sponge cake as we had to get rid of the evidence before Mum came home!!) Oh the memories! Thank you!

  44. My favourite book as a child was called 'Rainy Day Activities" and on the very first page was a recipe for marzipan, it looked amazing! I begged and begged my mum to let me make it and she eventually caved in.
    We had to specially buy all the ingredients and it turned out almond meal was not cheap! After hours in the kitchen making my creation (and a huge mess!) it was finally time to taste it... And it was absolutely awful! I'm not sure what went wrong, but it tasted like playdough crossed with dirt! (Or something along those lines)
    Let's just say it was a long time before my mum caved in again to letting me cook something new!

    1. Oh, I'm also a fan of Cup Of Tea And A Blog on Facebook. :)
      (Facebook Name: Jenny Swift)

  45. My favourite childhood memory of cooking was pancakes for breakfast every sunday. It's the first recipe I ever memorised from constant repetition and to this day it's one of only about 3 or 4 I can reliably recall without any hassle :-)

  46. I remember coming home from school with my big sister, and walking in to the heady smell of vanilla baking. The kitchen feeling warm from the cooking, the tang in the air, and the delicious beater to wrap a little tongue around. The drippy batter and icing always tastes best when it comes off the beater, and mum was never stingy. Best of all was when it was anzac cookie mixture in the bowl. Yummy

  47. Eating the raw cookie dough instead of putting it on the tray is my earliest memory

  48. The first thing I remember baking was piklets when I was about eight. I still make them now and I still use the same recipe ;)


  49. I remember reading a story when I was 5 about flapjacks.... I had no idea what they were, but I asked my dad if I could make some, as my mum had gone out. I mixed butter, sugar and rolled oats together and then put it in the oven.... mum laughed when she ce home because dad thought I knew what I was doing!

  50. I remember reading a story when I was 5 about flapjacks.... I had no idea what they were, but I asked my dad if I could make some, as my mum had gone out. I mixed butter, sugar and rolled oats together and then put it in the oven.... mum laughed when she ce home because dad thought I knew what I was doing!

  51. I remember reading a story when I was 5 about flapjacks.... I had no idea what they were, but I asked my dad if I could make some, as my mum had gone out. I mixed butter, sugar and rolled oats together and then put it in the oven.... mum laughed when she ce home because dad thought I knew what I was doing!

  52. Making little apricot cakes with my Step-Mum when I was around 7yrs old, when I was old enough to make them myself I would secretly make double the batch and hide them in my room so I didn't have to share them with the rest of the family!!

  53. That would be baking a marble cake with purple icing and sprinkles for my dad's birthday

  54. Something so simple and easy,
    And irresistibly yummy,
    Making Honey Joys with Mum,
    And a helplessly rumbling tummy!
    4 cups of Cornflakes in the bowl,
    Mum mixing the honey, sugar and butter,
    I loved how the lovely golden mixture,
    Would boil, fluff up and splutter!
    I'd carefully stir the mix,
    And fill the patty cases high,
    10 minutes in the oven,
    Passed so slowly by...
    Now, it's my kids and me,
    Making Honey Joys together, too...
    I hope when they grow older,
    They will treasure the memories as I do...


  55. I remember making a chocolate cake with my older sister. I would have been around 4 of the time and I remember it being a lot of fun.

  56. my earliest is making pancakes with mum for fathers day was so messy but we had a ball

  57. Nan used to make butterfly cakes with a dob of caramel inside each cake, lots of cream on them, one day when she made 150 of them for a family Christmas get together, pop let the dogs inside accidently, they ran under the table & knocked it sending all the cakes all over the kitchen & on everyone, all we could do was laugh at nan chasing pop with spoon fulls of cream throwing it at him

  58. Helping Mum bake "angel wing Cupcakes" for my sister's birthday celebration-I must've been all of 5 years old :)

  59. My earliest baking memory is helping my mama bake scones. So much fun, I remember how tasty it was eating something I had created.

  60. I had to learn to bake quite early having 7 sisters and no mum ,my dad worked all day so we had to do the house work and help prepare all meals ,after doing it for so long I became addicted to creating different dishes ,it gave me great pleasure knowing we were enjoying a meal I created

  61. My earliest memory of baking was watching my mum beat cake mix and waiting patiently for the beaters or bowl to lick then again waiting for the reminants of left over iceing! It was definately a process as we then would wait for the cakes to rise and cool so we could watch mum ice and decorate :) I think its these things that you dont think at the time really are fond memories of childhood and learning.Baking goodies is certainly something you can really enjoy as a family and everyone has a part wether it be preparing,cooking,watching in delight or eating eagerly to give your opinion :)

    1. Replies to

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