Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ten whys and a cuppa

I knew it was coming. I laughed at the tales of woe I heard from other mothers, but I knew my time would come. G has reached the ‘why?’ phase.

At first it was just the odd ‘why?’ here and there. I enjoyed it, her sudden interest in the world I take for granted was refreshing. I loved the new element of conversation that her questions brought about.

But then the ‘whys’ took on a life of their own. We couldn’t get through the simplest of tasks without at least ten ‘whys’. I found my patience waning, my answers grew shorter, through gritted teeth I said, “Because I said so!”

My husband’s approach to the ‘whys’ was to respond with long and complicated answers hoping that G would lose interest (to be fair, it works on me...). His plan succeeded for a while, but G being G soon sussed it out… wiping the smug look off his face as she protested “But Why Daddy?”

Today G picked up a photo of my dad.

I sat down with her as she held it in her little hands.

“That’s a photo of me and my Daddy,” I told her.

“That’s your Granddad John.”

Me and my dad

She looked at the photo, and then back at me. Silent for once.

I’m glad she spared me the ‘whys’. One day I’ll have to tell her that we lost Granddad John long before she was born. But not today, not if I can help it.

“I wish he could know you,” I said, stroking her hair.


“He would have really loved you!”


“Because you’re amazing!”


“Because you have great genes!”


“Oh G!”

“Why Mummy? Why? Why? Why?”

“Who wants a cup of tea?”


  1. What a handsome man and what a beautiful photograph. It could have been taken just yesterday.
    The only whys I can't handle are the long, drawn out, tired ones. Whhhhhyyyyy?!

  2. Oh yes!!
    It's the sort of existential whys I have trouble
    "mummy what's that?"
    "It's a bee, darling"
    Why IS a bee a bee and not something else? Too hard for me...

  3. You're going to have to slog this one out. I'm sorry to say its not a short lived phase.
    BTW - your girls are so much like you.

  4. I don't miss the Why stage. Nope, not even a tiny bit. :)I hope you have plenty of tea on hand. x

  5. I hate whys! I hate questions. The Viking informed me yesterday that I'm not "kid friendly". Fair cop.

    To answer your question on Facebook: The trickiest question I've received from Stepdaughter has GOT to be "What does Gay mean?" Particularly considering I have extremely strong views on the topic. Views I'm pretty sure her mother does not share.

    The second trickiest was "Why don't you follow the same religious rules as we do at home?" (worded differently to how she actually said it, but you get the gist).

  6. lol! My boys are also like that but sometimes they like to change it with the "huh?" . Sending you lots of tea! ^__^