Monday, April 2, 2012


We are all a little blue today. Not in the figurative sense of the word, we’re not sad, we are… quite literally…blue. Blue, but laughing… Wait. Let  me start again.

I've been shouting a lot lately. I don't like admitting it, but there you are. I've said it now. I've been shouting. A lot. Since we moved out to the suburbs the girls and I have been somewhat reclusive. We haven't established a good routine yet and we're missing our friends (well, G and I are missing our friends, baby C doesn't have any friends). The result? We're all going a bit stir crazy...

Like any toddler, G requires almost constant entertainment. I try my best to provide good fun activities; painting, gardening (i.e. the planting, watering and digging up of a solitary potato), baking… but sometimes I have other things to do…like look after baby C.. who, bless her, occasionally needs a nappy change, or a feed, or a cuddle… or lately, since the Olympic standard rolling started.. rescuing from under the table. It is not possible for me to give G my full attention all the time. But how do I explain that to her?

When G is bored she is mischievous. That’s a nice way of putting it. Without swearing. She knows how to get my attention alright.. and so I’ve found myself shouting at her. God knows what the neighbours must think; “G!! GET OUT OF THE OVEN!!” and “G!! GIVE MUMMY THE KNIFE!” and “NO G! DON’T KICK THE BABY!”. I’m surprised they haven’t called social services.

I was determined that today would be better. I decided to pick my battles and let some stuff go; when G tipped the basket of folded laundry on the floor, I took some deep breaths and picked it up… when she ran off with my lip balm I let her go (although she ended up eating it, so probably should have chased her).

And so, I made it to 9am without raising my voice once (which doesn’t sound like a big deal, but bare in mind we were up at 5.30!). We are dressed, we are sun-screened, we are ready for the park. Just a quick wee… I dashed to the bathroom.. I was mid-flow when I heard G exclaim “Hooray! I did it!”… she sounded so excited. “Hooray!” I called back, unaware of the destruction that was underway in the next room.

I walked back into a scene from a hack-em-up horror movie… if Smurfs made hack-em-up movies that is… G had found her way into the pantry and pulled out the cake decorating box.. and, er “decorated” herself from head to toe in bright blue food colouring…then (in slow motion..) I looked around the room.. it was everywhere… the walls were splattered, there were G sized handprints on the floor…on the cupboards…on the brand new lap top… on baby C (who was under the table again)…. how she managed to make so much mess in such a short space of time I will never know… But that’s G for you.

Did I shout?! No… I laughed. After 5 mins of frantic cleaning and scrubbing the kitchen looked a little less blue, but a fair amount had rubbed off on me. And so here we are… three blue girls… laughing. We did get some funny looks in the park though…

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