Tuesday, December 31, 2013

To 2013, with love

I started the year sitting under the stairs. It sounds rather bleak, but I was doing something I love… writing. I sat at my little desk, under the stairs, sipping a G&T and tapping away.

I waited for my husband to join me for a New Year drink, but when he didn’t come back down after settling the girls I realised he had succumbed to sleep and drifted off next to G.

So I started the year by myself, tapping and sipping as the Sydney sky erupted in colour.

And what an incredible year it’s been.

My writing hobby has turned into (dare I say it?) a career. It’s a dream come true. It’s taken a lot of work, blood, sweat and tea. I have sobbed on the floor of my office, burying my tear stained face into the carpet… and on better days I have danced with joy.

The learning curve has been steep, sometimes I slid backwards, sometimes I held on but with the support of my family and friends (both in the flesh and through the magic of social media) I have made a really good start.

It has also been a year of adventure, international travel, and jet lagged children. There have been beaches, and sandcastles and the flying of kites. I got to know my nephews, and earned the privilege of their hugs (one may have been swayed slightly by the offer of a chocolate biscuit).

My daughters have formed a real bond with their cousins, Auntie and (Grumpy) Uncle, Nana and Granddad. It is remarkable that we saw so much of them! Next year we will rely on technology to keep their friendship alive.

I shared champagne with my best friends, all under the same roof for the first time in six years. The time elapsed brought husbands and children, and fortunately, they all got on.

I spent time with the Rodie’s. My people. They get me. I laughed harder sitting with my uncles, Auntie and cousins than I have in years. And that’s saying quite a lot.

My Uncle Robert taught G to play guitar, my tears were bitter sweet. G is lucky to have a great uncle to teach her the things her grandfather would want her to know.

We camped on the coldest weekend of the year and watched our breath evaporate under the starriest sky.

We celebrated Christmas in November, and it actually felt like Christmas.

My beautiful daughters have filled me with awe (and occasionally rage, but mostly awe). They have each grown in personality and stature. They are big girls now, or so they say, but they will always be my baby girls. The part I treasure most is the relationship they have with each other: fighting one moment, laughing the next, it is the special friendship between sisters.

Of course every year must have its low points. G getting cholera wasn’t the best and C’s first trip to casualty was fairly miserable… breaking my foot probably takes the biscuit (or it would if I hadn’t already bribed my nephew with it).

But, when I weigh it all up, it’s been an action-packed-fun-filled-family-focused-friendship-crammed-extravaganza of a year. So thank you 2013, you have been good to us.


  1. What an adventure 2013 was for you! :)

    Hoping your 2014 is full of new and exciting and fun adventures as well!

  2. What a great year Catherine. It's been fantastic seeing your writing career move full steam ahead, and I'm sure 2014 will hold great things for you. Happy New Year x

  3. Such a wonderful year C. I have love love loved watching you hit it out of the park with regard to your writing career. So inspiring!

  4. What a well-rounded year...Watching growing children is a joy that eclipses, basically everything, but to be paid for something you love doing...hat's a bonus!! Happy New Year. :)

  5. Happy new year Catherine! You've done so well, and earned every part of your successes. )

  6. What a year, so glad that all your hard work has paid off lovely. I bet it was sad to see your family go home :( But I'm sure their visit gave you strength in other ways. I wish you a healthy and happy 2014! Em x

  7. So glad no the writing has been going to so well for you Catherine, you really do deserve it! I love reading your words, you just write so beautifully. It's also been so lovely to see your baby girls growing so beautifully, thank you for sharing them, and your life, with us,

  8. What a full on year you had, C! Thanks for sharing so much of it with us. x